Electric heater for wooden hot tubs


Electric heater for wooden hot tubs

The electric heater for wooden hot tubs is small and compact. The power range is 3 - 18 kW. The heater is made of thermoplastic and has a heating element made of Incoloy 825. Adjustable thermostat, overheating cutout, and flow switch are standard. Due to its size, the installation is easy even in very limited space locations. The maximum chlorine and chloride content of Incoloy heating elements are as follows 3,5 mg/l and 250 mg/l.


  • Water pump (306x183x152mm, 0,55 kW);
  • Connections;
  • Plastic elbows;
  • Overheating cutout and flow switch;
  • The fuse box is not included.

Characteristics of the electric heater for the whirlpools:

  • Power: from 3 to 18 kW. Can be connected to 220 V single-phase or 380 V, 3 phases.
  • Equipped with thermostat 0-45°C;
  • Union couplings for Ø 50 mm pipes;
  • Tested and certified.

Need a more powerful heater? By default 6 kW is included. Suits most cases

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